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T53 Turboshaft Engine Specifications

Development of what became the T53 turbine engine started in 1951 when Avco became the contractor for the Stratford Army Engine Plant in Stratford, Connecticut.

Avco started research and development of gas turbine engines and produced an experimental engine in 1953 that produced 600 shp (447 kW). This early T53 engine was selected in 1956 to power the Bell XH-40 experimental helicopter, which developed into the UH-1 “Huey”.

Since production of the T53 engine started more than 19,000 engines have been produced. The fleet has logged over 50 million hours of flight time. Most of the T53 engines power helicopters, but a few turboprop variants also exist.


T53-L-703 Turboshaft Helicopter Engine

An improved version of the T53-L-13 turboshaft helicopter engine, the T53-L-703 produces 1,800 shp (1343 kW).

The -703 engine is common powerplant upgrade for UH-1 series helicopters.

T53-L-13 Turboshaft Helicopter Engine

The T53-L-13 engine began production in 1966. A significant upgrade from the earlier T53-L-11 series it provides 1,400 shp (1044 kW). The T53-L-11 series only produces 1,100 shp (820 kW).

In continuous use since production began in 1966, the T53-L-13 series is the most common T53 engine. The two most common versions today are the -10a and the -22.

T53L17 Turboshaft Helicopter Engine

The T5317A, A-1, and B engines are commercial variants of the military T53-L-703 engine. These commercial engines are rated at 1,500 shp (1119 kW), slightly lower than the -703 type.

The T5317 series powers a range of aircraft including the Bell 205A-1, Fuji-Bell 205, Kaman K-Max, and the Eagle 212 Single

T53-L-11 Turboshaft Helicopter Engine

The T53-L-11 series engine was the first widely produced version of the T53. Rated at 1,100 shp (820 kW) the engine was superseded in 1966 by the more powerful T53-L-13 series.

Though rarely seen in active use today the T53-L-11 has powered a number of platforms including: Bell UH-1B, UH-1D, and UH-1E and the Kaman HH-43F.

T53 Turboprop Aircraft Engines

A number of turboprop variants of the T53 engine have been produced. While not as numerous as the turboshaft helicopter variants the turboprop version does have a long history that developed in parallel to the UH-1.

Most of the turboprop T53’s have been for use on the Grumman OV-1 Mohawk, an armed military observation and attack aircraft.

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